Eligible Rider Information

Transportation Information

Transportation will be provided to all elementary and early childhood students.  All secondary students residing one mile or more from the school assignment will also receive bus service.  The following ineligible riders will be picked up for the safety of the children:

  1. All students who would cross Highway 69 to get to school.
  2. All students who would live on Highway 92.
  3. Any other lower students whose route is deemed unsafe as determined by the Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent.
  4. To conserve time and resources, bus stops will be pooled whenever possible. The minimum distance allowed between bus stops, by regulation, is no less than 500 feet. However, the standard is every other block when safety regulations permit.

*Students will be picked up and dropped off at the same bus stop every day.  Alternate drop location will not be permitted.  (Split custody agreements between parents that both reside in the same district are allowed to have a stop for each parent.)

*On return home, parents of Kindergarten and Pre-K students must be at the bus stop or students will be returned to their school.

*If a parent is wanting transportation from a daycare, that information needs to be updated prior to the start of the new school year.  The changes need to be made through the student’s school.

*The cut-off for adding bus stops (through school enrollment) is close of business on August 3rd.  Late enrollees will need to go to an existing stop until the second full week of school.  This allows for routes to be posted in the newspaper and ESSD website, on or before August 9th, for parent planning.  After the first week of school, parents should contact the transportation department at (816) 630-9929 to potentially have the route adjusted for a closer bus stop.